21 Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 2 of My Fitness Journey!

I have to say it has been a pretty awesome week! The Pats won the Super Bowl, and lots of snow in New Hampshire means snow days for the kids and work from home for mom and dad so that is a bonus.  I usually workout in the morning but I had this crazy idea about starting a new program the day after the Super Bowl.  Let’s just say I was not up at 5:00 am working out like I typically am. I am actually finding that I like doing this program in the evenings after the kids go to bed.

As I am sharing this I am 4 days into week 1 of my journey through the 21 Day Fix exercise program and meal plan and it is going great! Each time I start a new routine or introduce new foods to the family I learn something new; like my husband… apparently not a big fan of asparagus.

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21 Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 3 of My Fitness Journey!

Week three is when I really kick it up a notch! I will be doing double workouts (see week 1 for the workout schedule) and for the last three days, I will be doing the 3 Day Quick Fix. In addition, my 21 Day Fix meal plan has to account for (work around?) my daughter’s 8th birthday party!

Unlike many other workout programs, you don’t get a rest day with 21 Day Fix.  This can sometimes be challenging if you struggle to weekend workouts in like I do. I am patting myself on the back right now when I say I only missed one day so far and I made it up the day after fitting two workouts in on a Saturday!

So here it is, my meal plan for the third and final week of the 21 Day Fix.

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21 Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 1 of My Fitness Journey!

am so excited about this round of 21 Day Fix! This was the first Beachbody program that I ever completed and I revisit it on occasion but I haven’t done a full 21 day round in about two years.  I recently joined a coach challenge group with a good friend of mine and new Beachbody coach (YAY!!!) and I am so excited that we chose to do this program together. In my mind, this program builds a great foundation and is great for people just getting into fitness as well as those that just love a good work out. The daily 30 minute workouts are challenging but also great for beginners. I love the variety in the daily routines as well as the easy-to-follow portion control eating plan. It’s that 21 Day Fix meal plan that I am going to focus on in this 3-part series of articles.

I tend to mix up my routine often but I will be following the program completely for the full 21 days. This includes using the portion control containers and meal plan. I incorporate the portion control containers into my meal planning even when I am not doing the 21 Day Fix program but I am challenging myself to stick to the meal plan 100%! Luckily I will have my accountability partner by my side through the challenge!

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22-Minute Hard Corps Review

I recently finished up Beachbody’s 22-Minute Hard Corps program. Although I didn’t have the foresight to write down my thoughts before starting, I did have some insights to share at the halfway mark and finish line that I wanted to share with you. I’m hoping that my 22-Minute Hard Corps review will help you decide if this workout program is right for you.

Week 4 — The Half-Way Mark

I was anxious to get to this point as I could already feel the difference in how I felt, and my wife said she could already see a physical difference. I was most excited about the half-way PT test that would measure my improvements in terms of number of reps I could do of various basic exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, etc.).

The PT test was done on Sunday – typically a “rest day” for the 22-Minute Hard Corps program. I’m noticing this a lot with Beachbody programs – Sunday is often a rest day and designated for meal prep. At first I didn’t like this, as I have more time to work out on weekends than I do during the week, so not working out on a Sunday seemed like a waste to me. I’ve adapted, though, and quickly learned to appreciate those Sundays off from jumping out of bed and hitting the exercise mat.

So when Sunday came, and I was like a kid on Christmas. My wife has been helping  with the PT tests by running the stopwatch for me, and I think I was dangerously close to driving her nuts. I was anxious to see my progress.

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