Mushroom Chicken Quesadilla Recipe

This week I’m trying something different from what I usually do for articles. One of the biggest things that I still struggle with is eating healthy. As much as I enjoy cooking, it just never takes a priority within my already crowded schedule. This makes take-out almost always a preferred option in my mind. Sure,Read moreRead more

Egg Cup Omelets Recipe

It’s unfortunate, but when you’re trying to eat healthy the most important meal of the day usually gets the shaft. You can probably relate, but mornings are crazy around here. I am often tempted to just swing through Dunkin Donuts and pick up a super easy, super yummy, and super unhealthy breakfast sandwich. Then I stumbledRead moreRead more

5 Successful People You Need to Spend More Time With

It’s not surprising that many of the world’s most successful people share similar qualities and traits. You’ve probably observed or heard of some of them; being proactive, getting up early, ruthless prioritization, etc. There is something that contributes to the success of many of them that isn’t quickly apparent, however. Successful people surround themselves withRead moreRead more

Is Time More Important than Money?

Money does in fact bring me happiness. There, I said it. I don’t care what you hear anywhere else, I am a firm believer that it’s true. It can in fact, bring people happiness. It’s not the only thing required for happiness of course, but if you have the other things you need, then itRead moreRead more

21 Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 2 of My Fitness Journey!

I have to say it has been a pretty awesome week! The Pats won the Super Bowl, and lots of snow in New Hampshire means snow days for the kids and work from home for mom and dad so that is a bonus.  I usually workout in the morning but I had this crazy ideaRead moreRead more

21 Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 3 of My Fitness Journey!

Week three is when I really kick it up a notch! I will be doing double workouts (see week 1 for the workout schedule) and for the last three days, I will be doing the 3 Day Quick Fix. In addition, my 21 Day Fix meal plan has to account for (work around?) my daughter’s 8thRead moreRead more

Become More Disciplined by Taking Small Actions First

As I write this blog post it is 5 am and I have already done my 30-minute workout, showered, and gotten dressed. My morning routine consists of things that a few years ago I would have dreaded doing at any time of day – never mind well before sunrise. So I tried to think ofRead moreRead more

21 Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 1 of My Fitness Journey!

am so excited about this round of 21 Day Fix! This was the first Beachbody program that I ever completed and I revisit it on occasion but I haven’t done a full 21 day round in about two years.  I recently joined a coach challenge group with a good friend of mine and new BeachbodyRead moreRead more

11 Easy, Powerful Ways to Encourage Good Fitness Habits

I didn’t want to have good fitness habits. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be healthy, but getting there was not enjoyable. For many people being healthy requires having good fitness habits. Generally, this includes exercising regularly and eliminating unhealthy (but often really tasty) foods from your diet. No. Thank you. Unfortunately, as IRead moreRead more

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail (and What to Do Instead)

The holidays are fading fast in our rearview mirror. As we make our way through January, everybody is diligently keeping to their New Year’s resolutions, right? If you are – great! I commend you. The truth is that almost a third of all New Year’s resolutions won’t make it past the first month of the new year.Read moreRead more